Table of Contents - Volume 16, No. 1 (63


1. Editorial
Elements of engineering and management in services, ec. Ioan Abrudan – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
2. Synthesis
The intercultural synergy-performance relationship in M&A. Mega mergers and acquisitions in electrical and electronics industries,ing. Liviu Warter,,ing. Iulian Warter – Center for Socio-economic studies and Multiculturalism, Iași, România
The importance and purpose of the logistics in maritime transport, Carmen Gasparotti – „Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați
Form without substance – Romanian brand and consequence of cultural tearing
Șef lucr., ec. Cristina Fenişer, Gheorghe Burz – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Diatopic variations in sociocultural and managerial stereotypes in the Transylvanian area
Conf.dr. Mihaela Munteanu Siserman – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca,,ec. Sabin Siserman – Maramureş Branch of the Romanian Association of Communes
3. Studies and researches
Researches concerning the stimulation and encouragement of youths to approach the technical field
Șef Călin Ciprian Oțel, Șef Violeta Firescu – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Analysis of risk factors within SMEs
Șef lucr. Olivia Doina Negoiţă, Anca Alexandra Purcărea, Gheorghe Militaru, Andreea Dumitrescu – Politehnica University of București
The importance of knowledge management in universities – companies partnership (II)
Drd. ing. Roxana Potra, Prof. dr. ing. ec. Laura Bacali – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Prof. dr. ing. Călin Băban – University of Oradea
The Evaluation of leadership styles prevailing in small and medium enterprises in the post crisis period
Drd. Laurențiu Mihai – University of Craiova
4. Methodology
Process management – green business – the result of a technological footprint Adrian Pîslă, Daniel Roman-Crişan, Florin-Alexandru Covaciu – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
The dynamic and management of work accidents in a Romanian company
Bogdan-Mircea Milosan, Alexandru Mihai Steica – „Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu
Economic development in north-west region of Romania – a shift-share analysis

Drd. Oana Bianca Bercea,,ec. Laura Bacali, Dr. ing., ec. Elena-Simina Lakatos – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

5. Students Debute
Management - the balance between success and failure
Roxana Maria Raţiu – Ist year student, Industrial and Economic Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Bistrita branch
6. Cases
Cultural tearing. On Romania case study Gheorghe Burz, Şef lucr., ec. Cristina Fenişer – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
7. Signal
8. Reviews
An editorial event – The history of management
Prof.dr. Ion Stegăroiu, Conf.dr. Mircea Duică – „Valahia” University of Târgoviște
9. Personalities
Kurt Lewin – social space and group dynamics
Asist.drd. Aurel Bărbȋnță Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

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