Table of Contents - Volume 17, No. 2 (68


1. Editorial
Managerial intelligence = knowledge + talent(?), ec. Ioan Abrudan – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
2. Synthesis
Considerations on the human resources in the IT sector. Anca Alexandra Purcărea, Ş Olivia Doina Negoiţă, Drd. Simona Gheorghe, Mirona Popescu – „Politehnica” University of București
Improving key performance indicators of production systems applying Lean methods
Şef Ileana Georgiana Limbăşan – „Transilvania” University of Brașov
Bistrița labour market study Florin Lungu, Flaviu Cira, Șef Ioan Simion Dan – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
3. Studies and researches
Modelling and simulating the motion of a multifunctional platform for the study of energy Daniela Alina Oprea – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Quality, time of execution or profit, a fight between classic technology and modern technology in Romanian construction companies
Drd. Vasile Florin Vraja – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
The management of change. Causes which determine resistance to change Andreea Ana-Maria Bălan (Ciupan) – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Qualitative research on performance in Romanian organizations
Drd. ing. Ovidiu Burian, Drd. Ioana Nap – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Quantitative research on the implementation of dual education in Cluj county
Drd. Carmen Mureșan – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
4. Methodology
Technical and technological risk management in technological plants Bogdan Ilie,, ec. Cătălin Popescu – Petroleum-Gas University of Ploieşti
Indicators in the field of business ethics and performance management
Conf.dr.jur. Roxana Carmen Cordoş, Dr. Bogdan Lucian Blaga – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
A project manager approach when creating a secure mobile phone
CS III Florin Răstoceanu – Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency, Lector dr. Alexandru Baboş, Dorel Badea – „Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy
Efficient negotiation techniques used in sales
Drd. Marieta Silaghi, Liviu Morar, Șef Emilia Câmpean – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Identifying and reducing non-conformity in a production flow
Șef, Ancuța Bălteanu, Șef Monica Bâldea – University of Pitești
5. Students Debute
Management between motivation, efficiency and hope
Tudor-Călin Hălălai – Ist year student, Economic Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
6. Cases
The impact of the phenomenon corruption on public organizations: case study
Drd. Larisa Grigorie (Pătru), Drd. Diana Ploscaru (Moraru) – University of Craiova
7. Reviews
Nonagenarian psychology in confrontation with one's own age – an event book
Prof. univ. dr. Ion Stegăroiu, Prof. univ. dr. Constanţa Popescu – „Valahia” University of Târgovişte

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