Table of Contents - Volume 20, No. 1 (79



1. Synthesis
The Role of Migration in Unemployment Reduction in Albania
Jonida Avdulaj, Klodian Muo, Dorian Kristiqi
Literature Review in The Field of Family Businesses

Răzvan Vaida, Laura Bacali

2. Studies and researches

The Risks Associated With Start-ups in Romania, in The Context of Their Financing From European Non-Refundable Funds

Ciprian Manea, Augustin Semenescu

Educational Resource Management by Using Virtual Platform
Cristina Găvruș, Catrina Chivu, Cătălin Iulian Chivu
Study on Analysis of Determinants that Influence Candidates Behavior in The Examination Process for Obtaining a Driving License
Doru Maier, Alexandra Verinceanu, Laura Bacali, Paul-Sorin Lazăr
3. Methodology
An Empirical Study on Factors Affecting Intra-Industry Trade with Some Selected Countries in Turkish Manufacturing Industry
Şerife Sezer, Mahmut Masca
Sources of Stress at Work. A Case Study at Dimal Sh.P.K Albania
Piro Tanku, Gaqo Tanku
4. Cases
Challenges of Transitioning Towards a Circular Economy, in The Context of Non-Refundable European Funds Financed Romanian Start-ups

Ciprian Manea, Augustin Semenescu, Iuxel Vjiac


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