Table of Contents - Volume 20, No. 2 (80



Management of The Human Resources Correlated to The Sustainable Road Construction Technologies
Marilena Cristina Nițu, Dragoș Căpățānă, Carmen Gasparotti, Mihaiela Iliescu
Counterfeiting and Infringements upon Intellectual Property Rights
Petrică Tertereanu, Alexandra-Ioana Gīngu, Aurel Mihail Țīțu
Comparative Analysis of EU Circular Economy Indicators
Roxana Lavinia Păcurariu, Ligia Maria Nan, Laura Bacali, Loredana Andreea Bīrgovan, Andrea Szilagyi
Simulations in Order to Configurate an IT Application That Allows Online Booking and Purchase of The Single Travel Ticket for The Railway Transport and The Road System in Romania

Desdemona Isabela Scărișoreanu

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Digital Industry
Ana-Maria Gulei, Costache Rusu
Improving The Quality of Services Provided by a Ministry, in Terms of Modernizing Managerial Thinking
Iuliana Moisescu, Constantin Olteanu, Aurel Mihail Țīțu
Analysis of The Financial Performance Assessment in The Context of Bankruptcy Risk Management
Răzvan-Florin Gasparotti, Carmen Gasparotti
Considerations on Teleworking Before and During The COVID-19 Pandemic
Tudor Irimiaș


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