Table of Contents - Volume 20, No. 3 (81



Modalities of operationalization of management in the context of digitalization of information
Iuliana Moisescu, Aurel Mihail Țîțu
Why the marketing approach is necessary in the research of the business model
Victor Conon, Augustin Semenescu
The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the financing structure of Romanian companies (Part I)

Laura-Nicoleta Covaciu, Laura Bacali

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism sector in Albania and options for a sustainable recovery
Farjola Mitaj, Klodian Muço
Management of cost reduction and process improvement. Implementation of industrial robots versus colaborative robots
Vasile Gusan, Aurel Mihail Țîțu
Transfer from traditional Kanban to Kanban 4.0 in smart factory
Grațiela Dana Boca, Arzum Isitan
Strategic management in Small Businesses during COVID-19
Oana Ofelia Bertea, Alexandra-Maria Coroian, Andrei Alexandru Lăcraru, Izabela Popescu, Larisa Ivașcu
Interactions between the participants of a business model in the retail market of optical medical devices in Romania
Victor Conon, Augustin Semenescu


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