Table of Contents - Volume 20, No. 4 (82



Theoretical aspects regarding artificial intelligence algorithms used in serial production programming
Florin Lungu, Mircea Teodorescu, Oana Eleonora Glogovetan
The impact of home office on work factors that affect productivity, stress levels and work / life balance among employees
Andrei Agache, Timea Cisma, Muddassar Sarfraz, Andra Diaconescu, Larisa Ivașcu
Methods for sizing budgets that can be used in a project
Daniel Filip, Călin Ciprian Oțel
Information analysis management in correlation with the standard intelligence model versus the specific model strategic analysis
Petrică Tertereanu, Aurel Mihail Țțu
The impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on the financing structure of Romanian companies (Part II)

Laura-Nicoleta Covaciu, Laura Bacali

Perspectives on the management and financial performance of SMEs in the context of the circular economy and the crisis generated by Covid-19 in the European Union

Ciprian Manea, Gabriela Ignat, Augustin Semenescu
Applied study regarding the implementation of the new online education system

Carmen Gabriela Băcilă, Ioan Simion Dan

Analysis of a smart magnesium die casting factory based on traceability and Quality 4.0
Horea Mizgan, Macedon Ganea
Tools used to improve quality management
Grațiela Dana Boca, Francesco Genovese
The efficiency and effectiveness of the online educational process in higher education

Ileana Georgiana Limbășan


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