Table of Contents - Volume 21, No. 2 (84



Assessing the degree to which a pulp and paper enterprise meets the requirements of sustainable development
Mihai Demian, Luminița Grecu, Gabriela Demian
A comparison of Turkey with the members of association of southeast asian nations with regards to human capital performance by CRITIC and COPRAS methods
Mahmut Masca, Ahmet İnkaya
Application study regarding the level of knowledge about managerial risks in the health units in Romania
Aurora M. Popa, Liviu Onoriu Marian, Cristina Vereș, Ioana Blaga, Olga Dorobanțu
Influencing factors quality of pre-university education
Ioana Camelia Bocea (Bordea)
Dynamics of economic and financial risks in SMEís
Călin-Dumitru Pop
Delayed completion of works Ė management of penalties applied to builders

Vasile Florin Vraja

Automatic systems for supervising the technical managerial act
Elena Cristina Anghel (Vlădescu), Robert Gheorghe Vlădescu
The healthcare professionalís perception on the role and the implementationís importance of the patientís value line in the healthcare system in Romania
Olga-Mihaela Dorobanțu, Liviu Onoriu Marian, Aurora Popa
The key elements of a business model on the optical medical devices market in Romania
Victor Conon, Augustin Semenescu
Risks management - evaluation and minimization. Screening article

Călin-Dumitru Pop, Raul Florentin Drenţa, Nicolae Stelian Ungureanu


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