Table of Contents ( Volume 13, No. 1 (51) )


1. Editorial
The ambiguous meaning of the term “resource”., ec. Ioan Abrudan – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

1.    Synthesis

Considerations regarding the ROI measuring methodology of the investment in human resources Petruța Blaga – „Petru Maior” University of Târgu Mureș
Time and its influences on modern organisation management,ing. Dan Miricescu – „Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu
Investigating evergreen values stored inside proverbs in order to reveal the existing culture inside an organization Radu Şt. Lupan – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, North University Centre of Baia Mare
Zero based budget vs incremental budget in local passenger transport services
Conf.dr. Sorin Adrian Achim – „Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca
2.    Studies and researches
Evaluation of manufacturing performance, Camelia Ioana Ucenic, Șef Călin Ciprian Oțel, Șef Daniel Filip – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Considerations regarding the milling operations efficiencies by increasing productivity Cristian Gelmereanu, Emilia Câmpean, Liviu Morar – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Comparative study on the practices for pro-sustainable development in Canada-Tunisia-Romania Georgiana Simona Oprea,, ec. Laura Bacali, Șef lucr.dr.jur. Roxana Carmen Cordoș – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
A marketing research regarding students' perception towards educational skills orientation within Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Ing. Vaida Răzvan, Dr. Mihai Naghiu – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Dr. Nicoleta Ivan – „Politehnica” University of București
Study concerning the types of management used in cultural institutions from Romania Claudia Chibelean, Hajnal Erzsebet Vass, Hugo Wainschrott – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Liviu Marian –“Petru Maior” University of Târgu Mureș
Multicriteria analysis of the POSDRU projects implemented in 2007-2013 period and openings regarding the phase 2014-2020 Camelia Velia Tecaru (Berekmeri), Ciprian-Radu Rad – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
NLP introduction Emeric Ovidiu Laposi, Ioan Simion Dan – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

3.    Methodology

The evolution of information technology within enterprises and implications on organizational development
Ing. Ioana Cătinean, Dan Cândea – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Considerations regarding the road safety management in the context of the “human-vehicle-road” factor system
Dr. Lucian Ioan Tarnu – „Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu
Data bases generation and management within adapted sport activities ASA
Drd. Vasile Sergiu Penciu Pașcu, Adrian Pîslă – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Judaism – the perfect instance of social religious marketing,ec. Diana Mocanu – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
4.    Students Debute
Manager yesterday and today
Daniela-Isabela Borcan(Timoc) – I year student, Industrial and Economic Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Satu Mare Extension
5.    Cases
Case study concerning the use of the sistem dynamics model in emergency departments Hajnal Erzsebet Vass, Hugo Wainschrott, Claudia Chibelean - Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Liviu Marian – “Petru Maior” University of Târgu Mureș
6.    Signal
7.    Reviews
Jams functional, disturbances in production systems Constantin Buzatu – „Transilvania” University of Brașov
8.    Personalities
Nicolae Malaxa founder of Romanian industry Roxana-Mirela Găzdac, Georgiana-Simona Oprea – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

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